About Curbing




Lawn Edging and Garden Edging; they're typically two of the most tedious landscaping chores around the house. Landscape borders like metal edging, plastic edging, bricks, pavers, railroad ties, wood and wood timbers all fail. They break, pop out, rust and rot. They become unsightly and unsafe. Grass and weeds grow through most of these landscaping products and rocks scatter when mowing. So what do you do?

Innovative Edging is a custom-fit, seamless concrete border for your landscaping, trees and flowerbeds. Our lawn and garden border is a continuous, permanent and effective grass and weed barrier made of crack-resistant, stamped concrete. 

Innovative Edging curbing is unsurpassed in cost or quality by other types of lawn edging, including generic concrete curbing. And we are family owned and operated in the Cumberland, MD area.

Our strong, durable, reinforced concrete landscape edging averages 4000psi to withstand most anything from weed trimmers to commercial sized riding mowers. Even better, the unique skill of our craftsmen, combined with colors and patterns, brings you the MOST artistic and realistic looking concrete lawn and garden borders on the market.

An elegant yet natural look! The superior, long-life of concrete!
And quality you can see in every job!

The Best Looking, Longest Lasting, Lawn and Garden Edging made!