Styles & Patterns

Concrete curbing can be formed in many styles and shapes allowing for a unique and custom curb installation. Patterns and colors may also be added to the curb for a perfect match to any landscape. Curbing shapes or molds are available in several sizes and some are intended for specific purposes. Our sales consultant can help you determine which will match you landscaping needs best.

These available concrete profiles pictured below, are mainly for residential use.

The angle style has become very popular because it can be stamped. Unlike the standard style, it has the unique ability to also hold in gravel and other gardening materials because the back of the curb is higher than the front. The front side of the curb is usually set at ground level to accommodate lawn mower wheels. The slanted look shows off any stamping that may be applied.

This style is popular because it is installed to accommodate both a lawn mower wheel and at the same time retain gravel or other gardening materials. It has great curb appeal by finishing off the landscape design with a picture frame type look.

This curb style is most often set at ground level for lawn mowing. It is commonly used in commercial lawn settings because it handles larger lawn mower wheels and has a more massive look. It can be installed as regular gray concrete, colored concrete or it can be stamped and textured. It is set at ground level and is not as easily seen from the street; therefore it leaves a styled look without seeing too much concrete edging.

Offering a wide variety of patterns and colors!

Angle Brick Grout



Basketweave Roller


Brick Running Bond


Random Rock

H Brick


LG Running Bond

ME Brick Grout

Spanish Texture


Random Stone

ME Running Bond


SM Running Bond



H Brick Roller